A Sparkling BAFTA Christmas Party

We helped plan this gorgeous Christmas Party in the newly renovated BAFTA 195 Piccadilly for a gaming company. Along with a comprehensive theming and furniture package we captivated guests with a roaming contact juggler, acrobatic aerialist, Christmas Jazz trio, and a DJ.

BAFTA’s new state of the art projected-mapped walls help create the a magical setting off-set with our large chequered dance floor.

Always mesmerising, one of our athletic aerialists from Shiver Circus took to her podium in the centre of the space and performed a high-intensity show set to music whilst a White Queen contact juggler sparked conversations around the room.

Some LED trees from Midnight Forest helped create warm, Christmas atmosphere.

Singing sets of specially re-arranged Christmas Music a hybrid group from September Moon and Cocktail Club Trio set the ambience.