A Collection of Oktoberfest Entertainment

Collection by Ben Riches

Head of Events

Roaming Oompah Brass Bands

Oompah Oompah

Brass band, Oompah Band


£2,000.00 - £3,500.00

Oompah Oompah are a five-piece brass group specialising in virtuosic and high-energy performances.
Formed back in 2006, Oompah Oompah began as a traditional Bavarian Oompah band.

As well as their more traditional repertoire, They have reworked over 180 songs – ingeniously turning them into at times frivolous and funny entertainment pieces, and at other times simply beautiful and magical examples of fine brass playing. Equally at home on the big stage and ...

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London Bavarian Brass

Oompah Band


London Bavarian Brass offer an authentic German themed band, complete with full Lederhosen attire and blast out classic Bavarian tunes mixed with Oompah Style pop covers. Originating as an October special London Bavarian Brass has now grown to be a popular choice all year round and has been seen performing up and down the country at events in Exeter, York, Swindon and London’s Docktober fest to name just a few, as well ...

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The Oompah Strollers


£650.00 - £1,000.00

The Oompah Strollers have travelled the world bringing their unique take on oompah music countrywide. They specialise in Bier Keller evenings and Oktoberfest parties and can cater to any performance environment from high energy roaming performances to full live stage shows.

When performing for a Bier Keller night, The Oompah Strollers always have the entire audience singing, clapping and dancing. The band leads a series of Bavarian table dances and perform a variety ...


A Traditional Alphorn Duo

Alphorn Harmony


£850.00 - £1,500.00

Alphorn Harmony are a unique, traditional Bavarian duo producing beautiful tones from these magnificent and unique instruments.

Having played on film scores such as Wes Anderson’s The Grand Budapest Hotel and in various special locations, Alphorn Harmony will bring that extra remarkable touch to your occasion.

Being accomplished alphornists, Alphorn Harmony play fascinating, traditional melodies which engage their audience and have traditional Bavarian outfits to match upon request.

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