Oopsie like you’ve never seen them before

Walking around Covent Garden, surely many people have heard the unmistakeable sounds of Oopshie Mamushka — their lively, upbeat performances bringing a little magic into everyone’s lives.

A few weeks ago, theenergy and atmoshpere Oopsie is so famous forcaught the eye of London-based artist Stella Tooth while she was in Covent Garden. She took up her trusty acrilic pens and pencils and created the incredible piece of art that is the featured image of this article — see the full piece in all its glory below:

Oopsie Mamushka by Stella Tooth

Stella’s work, in her own words ‘explores themes of separation and connection’. She specialises in portraying the many facets of art and reality, illustration and fine artblurring together in London — the buskers, dancers, street performers who make this city truly unique and exciting, Oopsie Mamushka no doubt being one of them!

You can find Stella on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or her website, where all her artwork can be purchased.