Joe offers shows that mix juggling and stand up comedy. He can perform a 45 minute stand alone show or shorter versions available ranging from as short as 5 minutes.

As well as a solo act, Joe also works as a cabaret entertainment host - providing short sections of his show in between cabaret or variety acts in order to string them together and introduce them to the stage.

Joe’s show is high energy and can involve audience members. Customisation for corporate clients is of course possible.

Performance information

Joe requires a sound system for his act along with a sound engineer. Both the elements can be organised by Stormont.

He also requires a small table for the stage and a headset microphone system.

Further, as more all stage performers he requires a secluded Green Room to prepare and rest within.

“To describe Joe as a comedy juggler is like labelling Brendan Cole as a bit of a dancer. Udry’s fusion of technical juggling and dry comedic asides provided one of the evening’s undisputed highlights.”

— The Stage

“If you like juggling, then you'll love this guy!”

— Derren Brown

“The true professional! He has the natural ability to make any situation work in his performances and that is down to his sheer talent and experience! Joe makes people want to see more and THAT is the key to his success.”

— Adam Barbery, Managing Director of Addition Studios

“Joe was deservedly the headline performer at the Festival. His act went down really well with both the jugglers and the general public in the audience.”

— Charlie Holland, Crawley Circus Convention

“Joe effortlessly and simply blows you away. This guy is definitely not your typical run of the mill decent juggler, instead Joe will impress you on every aspect of an entertaining performer. Impeccable timing, mind bogglingly quick hands and reactions to funky tracks together with very humorous and theatrical body language and expressions, he has a whole catalogue of incredibly inventive tricks to wow you with. Simply put, he will mesmerise you and put a grin on your face whilst doing it.”

— Nathan Warrilow, Manager, Proud Cabaret

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