Stealing the Show at The Roof Gardens Showcase

As the primary entertainment supplier at The Roof Gardens in Kensington we have the pleasure of taking over the venue when it comes to their wedding showcases and this Spring showcase was no different!

As we set up our stand we were joined by some of our finest performers for a day of music, magic and smile inducing fun.

First on the scene to perform alongside our main stand was the fabulous singer Eleanor Belle.

Then the one and only Oopsie Mamushka joined us to perform in the ceremony mock up in the Mosaic Room. They would later perform a wandering set around all of the gardens.

Then perhaps our favourite close-up magician Robert Keyte arrived to help set up his own stand opposite ours. We let Robert talk to all of the clients directly so that he can slip in the odd magic trick.

Lastly and far from least the impeccably dressed Trio Kitch appeared complete with matching blue suits that were as sharp as their hair was groomed. These three chaps would be roaming around the venue singing hand-picked pop and soul tunes for the delight of the brides and grooms visiting.

If you thought all that looked like productive fun then join us again at The Roof Gardens for the August 16th corporate showcase!