Peter Mayer at The Music Room

Recently, we helped creative agency Electric Sunshine organise a summer festival themed PR event for a corporate client.

Working with London Event Productions, we helped create awhimsical, magical land for guests to explore, with various corners of the venue featuring quirky design and delicious treats that took attendees on a round trip of the major food groups.

Our venue, The Music Room in Mayfair provided the perfect backdrop for this event — this versatile room features various nooks and crannies with its coloumns actingas natural dividers for the various sections of the event.

The venue showcased various food and drinks stations, all colourfully decorated and branded to match the summery theme of the event, creating a wonderland even Willy Wonka would be proud of! From a wall of sweets to healthy snacks and smoothies, guests were free to graze and try delicious treats at every turn.

London Event Productions also created an indoor ‘picnic’ area for guests to lounge around, relax and mingle under a colourful ribbon tent and paper lanters. Throughout the venue, artificial trees contributed further to the atmosphere, creating fun and unusual centerpieces. The picnic area even featured a little stream for an additional touch of whimsy.

For an event like this, a portable food tricycle was the perfect choice. Tricycle Treats offer a range of food and drink tricycles, from sweets and ice cream to popcorn and cheese! The trikes are all fully brandable and customisable, able to adapt to any colour scheme or theme you had in mind. These tricycles are some of our top recommendations for summer (or summer themed!) events. At this particular event, the tricycle – serving ice cream – was positioned right next to the wall of pick ‘n’ mix.

A balloon arch lead guests to the magical ‘Dessert Island’ corner.

Our excellent guitarist Peter Mayer provided background music for the event. An acoustic guitarist is always a great choice for summer events as they can create that casual, campside feel with just their voice and a guitar, and Peter is the proven master of that! With his upbeat pop covers, Peter is a favourite at private and corporate events alike.

If you’d like to find out more about our entertainment options, or if you’d like to book the featured acts for an event please get in touch with us: 0207 686 2611