Covid-19 Beating Team Building

This is an uncertain time for everyone. The Coronavirus is having catastrophic health, social and economical impact on the world and as a company who cares intensely about its clients so we are offering a wide range of online, engaging, solutions for virtual team building activities to support remote workers.

Collection by Ben Riches

Head of Events

Some virtual selections

Ocean Mind — Yoga


£200.00 - £400.00

Ocean Mind offers both online and onsite corporate yoga classes to progressive businesses looking to promote wellness within their team, in order to maintain high performance levels.

The size of corporate yoga classes can vary depending on your needs and the space available at your location. The classes are designed to cover all levels of yoga.

They are flexible with time and length of the class. Yoga ...


Ocean Mind — Wellness at Work

Brighton, London

£350.00 - £1,350.00

An evidence-based and approved program specialising in corporate health and wellbeing. Ocean Wellness teachers are qualified in coaching mindful resilience and wellbeing at work with SMART foundations.

We offer onsite wellbeing training and consultancy for organisations, to either groups or individuals. We are flexible in our approach and happy to discuss creative, bespoke, training and consultancy for our clients.


Ocean Mind — Mindfulness & Meditation


£200.00 - £1,500.00

Ocean Mind offers mindfulness training and consultancy for organisations. We are flexible in our approach and happy to discuss individual training and consultancy for our clients. This can range from an introductory mindfulness session or talk to a longer tailored course, regular sessions, or one-to-one training.

We follow the government’s recommendations and guidelines developing mindfulness in the workplace.


Virtual Murder Mystery

Team Building


£400.00 - £1,350.00

Brought to you by the writers of Channel 5’s Celebrity Murder Mystery, this multi award-winning, virtual team building experience will take you through a world of intrigue, trepidation, and comical conundrums.

All guests will receive a ‘pre-murder pack’ including everything you’ll need from plot outlines, character information and virtual backdrops.

Challenging your teams instincts and intuitions will be one of our exuberant professional actors. All games are interactive where you will have the ...


Virtual Bingo


£200.00 - £450.00

It’s a Friday night in 2002 and you’re on your way to Bolton’s best bingo hall. You’ve been saving up your pension all week and it’s time to splurge on some winning balls. All roads lead to the social club tonight.

Our host (inspired by Phoenix Nights’ Peter Kay & Paddy McGuiness) will be our master of ceremonies; calling numbers and dishing out prizes, whilst you ...


Virtual Cook-Off


£200.00 - £1,000.00

Whether it’s Delia or Jamie who tickles your culinary pickle, we’ve got a whole host of recipes to walk your team through to tantalise the taste buds and the juices flowing. 

Join one of our master chefs who will take you through a pre-planned, step by step guide of how to spice your sausage, season your sea bass and perhaps turn your team into the next budding entry-level contestants ...


Sip & Sketch

£200.00 - £450.00

Turn the classic sip & sketch into a creative, team-building extravaganza by joining one of our in-house, professional artists for an evening decadent drawing, accompanied by a tipple of your choice. 

Simply send over a photo or picture of your choice and you’ll be led through the foundations of drawing and have something to auction off for £1M/sell on eBay for £1, hang in a frame or pin ...


Thank you for your consideration

We curate entertainment within the following major categories.

— Music
— Magic
— Dance
— Circus
— Cabaret
— Speakers
— Illustration
— Games & engagement
— Photography & film
— Celebrities & mainstream artists

We provide entertainment for clients looking for an extraordinary quality of service.


Not all events are created equally.

Thank you so much for your time considering us. We hope to work with you to create a truly outstanding experience.

Ben Riches

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