Electro-Swing Fire

A daring 1920s styled fire dance showcasing Cirque du Flamme’s pyrotechnic mastery with gangster pizazz, beginning with a blast that will have the crowd screaming.

Fire Fury

A dynamic and powerful act of theatrical and dramatic fire palms dance breaking into fast, energetic fire skills.

Fire & Light Elves

A Midsummer Night’s Dream of glowing elves enchanting your guests with magical powers and supernatural beauty.

Performance information


Cirque du Flamme perform as a 2 or 4 person spectacular.

Performance Options & Equipment

Fire skipping rope, double staffs, fire fans, fire ropes, fire swords and faerie wands.

All choreographies feature “Sparkle Fire” and “Dragon Fire” special effects, developed by and unique to Cirque du Flamme, which can be flown internationally.

Acts can also feature an optional pyrotechnic finale using electrically ignited, theatre-grade, silver gerbs or ice gerbs.  Effect options ranging from 8ft (2.5m) to 20ft (6m)

Indoor non-fire Acrobatics character with Fibre optic props available.


“Cirque du Flamme were fantastic. Just the two of them filled the entire stage and kept our 5,000 attendees on the edge of their seats.”

Sky TV Production Team

“I had no idea just how spectacular, how daring, how imaginative and yet magical your sets would be. Your act is poetic and powerful. You added a highly charged and gorgeous energy to the evening that I shall never forget. We were completely blown away by your feats. I love the way you used the space of the garden to create surprise. Your entrances and exits perfectly judged the crowd and atmosphere. So many people, in singling out what has been memorable for them, have mentioned both of you.”

Remy Blumenfeld

“I wanted to say a big thank you for Saturday. You were truly amazing and the show you’ve devised was stunning. Your diligence with H&S really put me at ease. The client absolutely loved it. I quote - “I wanted to thank you both and the whole team for putting on the party of our dreams.”

Anna Bosanko

“Magnificent. President Aliyev and I could feel the flames. Please come back next year.”

Manager, Four Seasons

“Very creative combination. 1920s performers would give everything on stage as they had nothing to lose. You have captured this intensity and feeling of extreme danger.”

Arturo Brachetti - Le Jury

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